Tuesday September 29, 2020

Planning and Environmental Consultants

Management Systems, Procedures and Plans

Management Systems, Procedures and Plans are central operating tools utilised in operational management, business reporting, tendering processes and environmental permitting. The types and degree of depth and detail is relative to their intended purpose, and the scale and complexity of the activity.

Management systems range from basic bullet pointed documents to formal, certified and registered systems. Certification to the ISO 14001 standard and registration under EMAS (EC Eco Management and Audit Scheme) is strongly favoured in environmental permitting however, holding such accolades does not guarantee permit application success.

Management systems can be seen to encapsulate environmental risk assessments and health and safety. They need to demonstrate a structured practical approach incorporating procedures, operating instructions, manuals, maintenance and inspections along with ongoing training. Efficient record keeping also facilitates easier performance reporting, auditing and reviews of the overall management system.

Specific management plans for aspects such as noise, vibration, odour and water are required for applications and permission compliance. Development phases also require management systems for instance demolition and construction phases with associated Site Waste Management Plans.

EMS’s or EMAS’s are based on continual environmental improvement particularly for Certification and are therefore intrinsically linked to regular audits and reviews of procedures, assessments and individual management systems and plans.

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