Tuesday September 29, 2020

Planning and Environmental Consultants

Have you considered?

The following advice is provided by ACT Projects based on over 20 years' comprehensive experience in successfully delivering mineral, waste and energy company approvals that reflect the needs of an individual business.

Planning - yes planning permissions can be obtained but can the approvals be delivered in practice under realistic terms of economics and timescale? Towards this goal you should:

. seek experienced holistic advice that has taken an interactive overview of your proposal

. attain robust planning positions that can be scrutinized

. seek approvals with design and technology flexibility

. attain project designs that are economically deliverable, not aesthetically pleasing

. secure reasonable Conditions relative to the development

. ensure flexibility, not only for present but also aspired company needs.

Environmental Permitting and Licensing - Environmental legislation and Guidance continues to become an increasingly entangled web, the industries and activities that fall within the remit continues to expand, as does the associated paperwork and costs.

The Environment Agency are clearly demonstrating their increased policing and enforcement of the law. The Agency established its Illegal Waste Sites Task Force in December 2011 and released Waste Crime Reports. The number of successful waste prosecutions has almost doubled in the last 3 years, the number of custodial sentences almost trebled, the size of fines have seen a significant increase as have the value of assets confiscated through the Proceeds of Crime Act prosecutions. The Environment Agency has inferred that the efforts to date are just the tip of an iceberg.


Therefore, with all the available exemptions T’s, U’s & S’s; parts A, A2 and B permits, numerous Standard Rules options and degrees of compliance requirements of Bespoke permits under the 2010 Regulations and reams of associated guidance, protocols, CL:AIRE applicability and management plans:

. get the right permits

. do not seek to be permitted unecessarily

. obtain flexible approvals

. demonstrate compliance

. do not get lumbered with unnecessarily costly upgrade, pre-operation or compliance requirements

. exploit the various options relevant to your business sector.

Environmental Matters - The environment, whether relative to evaluation, impact, performance or sustainability is linked with almost everything today. Intrinsically linked with planning applications/permissions and permits, the approach to environmental matters is paramount to the success of any development.

Whether it is monitoring, modelling, risk / liability assessment, management systems or supporting statements associated with noise, dust, vibration, ecology, visual or traffic assessments etc:

. seek experienced holistic advice that has taken an interactive overview of your proposal

. developed a well-grounded and structured case

. obtain calibrated results

. results that can be audited

. ensure clear and concise self-balancing reports are received that have multi-purpose applicability.

ACT Projects provides a no hassle, cost effective turnaround that releases your time to concentrate on your primary business activities.




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