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Waste – Resource

Waste Sector

Waste is increasingly being referenced as a Resource. Facilities and technologies are evolving to utilise residues from the domestic, commercial and industrial markets. ACT specialises in the planning, permitting and environmental support services required by the Waste, Minerals and Energy industries.

Waste SectorAdvances in waste hierarchical management, the 3 or is that 4 R’s of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (with Recovery) has numerous drivers Directives, Regulations, environmental performance requirements, climate change, carbon foot prints, sustainability, trading schemes, heat and energy generation demands and incentives, the list goes on all linked by economics.

Waste transport, recycling, processing, use and disposal require a whole array of facilities for which planning permissions and invariably environmental permits must be held. Often categorised according to source and destination, wastes are subject to single or complex sorting and processing systems. Whilst waste is increasing being seen as a ‘resource’, it still attracts the stigma of being referenced as ‘rubbish’.

Waste processingExisting and potential sites for waste facilities have unique traits that personalise the applications and associated component policy, technical and environmental impact considerations. A successful application is commensurate with a detailed site and development evaluation, a structured predetermined approach and efficient project management of all interfaces that includes economic and operational deliverability.

Waste treatment, recovery or disposal operations typically require a permit of some description. However, specific types of low risk waste handling operations can qualify for Exempt status. The Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 revised qualification grounds and many once Exempt activities now fall within a Permit remit and are subject to a ‘transitional period’. Our Matrix offers guidance on dates certain exemptions expire and the options available to the operator.

The revised Waste Framework Directive and imminent new Guidance on the definition of waste will not change the test of what constitutes waste. However, the right quality of material in the right place does not necessitate it remaining a waste and without waste status a material is no longer subject to waste control. Achieving ‘End of Waste’ (EoW) status is a challenging legal and technical task that must demonstrate Comparability, Fitness for Use and Certainty of Use, all of which needs to be substantiated by ‘Quality’ systems. Nonetheless, EoW status has very significant market benefits across all sectors and is clearly evident in the aggregates and energy generation industries.

ACT has successfully delivered planning permissions and permits for civic amenity sites, transfer stations, processing and recycling facilities through to Energy from Waste plants. We identify sites on behalf of clients and have provided an abundance of opinions on potential and existing developments. Our risk and liability assessments are used to assist investment decisions, and our meticulous approach to permitting continues to deliver operational and economic benefits to our clients.

Waste Sector

Our team includes chartered practitioners, some with more than 25 years experience gained in both the public and private sectors.

Completed project examples:

  • Provided expert waste planning advice to Councils for Integrated Waste Management Contracts.
  • Site evaluations and planning opinions for a full range of waste management facilities.
  • Independent reviews of applications and detailed Environmental Impact Assessments pre-submission.
  • Submission of detailed, reasoned Development Framework representations.
  • Successfully project managed applications and EIA’s to attain planning permissions for transfer stations, processing facilities, landfill extensions through to major EfW plants.
  • Won planning and permitting Appeals to realise assets for lucrative business sales.
  • Audits of the planning and permit status of sites for land owners and investors.

A member of our team would be pleased to discuss your requirements and happy to answer any questions on previous works undertaken.
In the first instance please call; T: ++44(0)1661 886 067 or email Anthea@actprojects.co.uk or Spenser@actprojects.co.uk

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